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the Yukon
Safe Since 1993

If you’re considering enhancing your home or office’s security, look no further!

Spectrum Security-Sound Ltd. will save you the hassle of hiring multiple contractors as we do it all, from intrusion, home theater and multi room systems to full HD surveillance systems, telephone systems, voice and data, access control systems, roll down shutters and much more.

Keeping your business local can also save you time. We offer quick turnaround times and have a fully bonded, highly trained staff of Service Technicians. We’re available Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST, and of course we have a monitoring station and an on-call Service Technician available 24/7 for any unexpected emergencies that may arise.

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Spectrum Security Yukon SECOR
Spectrum Security ULC

ULC Certified.

Fire alarm systems are required to be maintained under the care and inspection service of Spectrum Security.

A ULC Certificate indicates that the installation is inspected, tested and maintained by the Listed.

SECOR® standard.

An occupational safety and health accreditation

program verifying a fully implemented safety management system meeting national standards.


Leasing Options for Businesses.

Offering competitive rates and unique payment plans.

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